Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Neptune/Triton System Seminar Series: Dr. Ravit Helled

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Presenter: Dr. Ravit Helled (University of Zurich)
Topic: The Origin, Evolution, and Structure of Uranus & Neptune
Abstract: The true nature of Uranus and Neptune is unknown. l will briefly summarize the current-knowledge about Uranus and Neptune with a focus on their formation, thermal evolution, and internal structure. I will discuss the challenge in explaining the formation of these planets and present formation scenarios that can explain the observed planetary properties. I will next discuss the possibility and outcomes of giant impacts on Uranus and Neptune and present non-standard internal structure and evolution models of the planets. I will show that both planets are expected to have non-adiabatic interiors with no-distinct layers. Finally I will question whether Uranus and Neptune are indeed "icy" planets.

Questions? Jodi.Berdis@jhuapl.edu

Agenda and Presentations

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