Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Neptune/Triton System Seminar Series: Dr. Corey Cochrane

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Presenter: Dr. Corey Cochrane (NASA JPL)
Topic: Single-Pass Subsurface Ocean Detection at Triton using Magnetometric Measurements
Abstract: There are many moons in the solar system thought to potentially harbor hidden oceans; Neptune's moon of Triton is a prime example. Magnetic induction detection is very promising due to the presence of Neptune's strong and highly dynamic magnetic field. The field is characterized by Neptune's 14-hr synodic period (due to 47 degree tilt of Neptune's magnetic axis with respect to its spin axis) and a 141-hr orbital period (due to Triton's highly inclined orbit). One complication is the confounding presence of an intense ionosphere which can also generate an induced magnetic field that can mask the induction response from the putative ocean. Additionally, due to the uncertainty of Neptune's rotation rate, the phase of the synodic magnetic wave will be unknown until arrival. This can lead to an unfavorable scenario where the synodic and orbital waves add destructively, thereby reducing the strength of the driving field and hence, the induction response. In this presentation, we demonstrate an ocean detection methodology that is resilient to these factors, in addition to various other noise sources. We also show initial work with application to a multi-pass mission concept for constrained ocean characterization.

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