Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Ice Giant Systems Seminar Series: Dr. Nick Teanby

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Presenter: Dr. Nick Teanby (University of Bristol)
Topic: Neptune's Stratospheric Composition: Implications for Internal and External Processes.
Abstract: Neptune's stratosphere is a particularly interesting region of the planet - it is the interface between Neptune's deep atmospheric reservoir, atmospheric chemistry, and many external flux processes. Measuring the stratospheric composition using infra-red and sub-mm spectroscopy can therefore be used to try and unpick these processes. The oxygen species CO and H2O combined with the D/H ratio are particularly diagnostic and can be used to constrain interplanetary dust flux, infer an ancient comet impact, and even extrapolate to the deep interior composition and formation. However, limited observational data means conclusions are currently controversial with many possible explanations. Here I will present some new observations of oxygen species from the Herschel space telescope, and attempt to make sense of these in terms of what is going on at Neptune, in at least a semi-consistent way.

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